Hi There & Welcome to StyleMeSamira! So I wanted to get a little more personal & share some fun facts about me. Some that I don’t think many of you may have ever guessed. If you want to know anything else, feel free to drop me a line at StyleMeSamira@gmail.com or leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy reading a little more about me & my quirky self…

  1. People can never guess my nationality. I am Persian & can speak it fluently.
  2. I have a black pug named Pugsly. He is almost 12 years young & I have had him since he was 3 months old.
  3. I professionally ice skated for over 13 years & received many medals & trophy’s from competing.
  4. I also studied piano for over 5 years & graduated with honors 3 years in a row from participating in the Certificate of Merit program.
  5. Other than fashion, music is as equally important to me. Aside from screaming rock & country, I can listen to anything & love it.
  6. I am obsessed with musicals – Hairspray & Grease & the Sound of Music are by far my fav.
  7. Aside from musicals, I love all sort of movies. But I can’t watch horror or thrillers – I get nightmares.
  8. Before getting into a career of fashion, I secretly wanted to become a district attorney for neglected children. But my emotions would take over.
  9. I consider myself a foodie even though I’m a picky eater ( I hate cilantro, onions, & tomatoes – but I like ketchup).
  10. Just like Peter Pan, I never want to grow up. I am like a big kid.
  11. So much so, that I have season passes to Disneyland & Universal Studios.
  12. I am the eldest of 4. I have to 2 brothers & 1 sister. 
  13. And even though my sister & I are 13 years apart, she is my best friend.
  14. Before my father passed away, my parents were married for 35 years. For that reason, I don’t believe in divorce.
  15. I love to travel – London & Paris are my fav places I have visited so far. 
  16. I am a Taurus (May 4) & believe in all my signs characteristics but I don’t read my horoscope.
  17. Even though I have one visible tattoo – my dads birth date in Farsi on my wrist – I have 3 others. A fairy on my lower back, a mermaid on my hip, & infinity symbol on the left side of my rib cage.
  18. In the debate of bags vs. shoes, I am more of a handbag kinda gal. But when I find a shoe I must have, I don’t hesitate.
  19. I have crazy little superstitions like saving a birthday candle each year or my fortune cookie fortunes.
  20. Though my blog name is Style Me Samira, I have never really liked my name until now. Pretty much my whole life, I have gone by Sami but am now learning to appreciate & like my name.